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Intro & Goal

Pfinite system is inquiry and process management software that can be helpful to the stores, repair centres, and service centres to manage different types of work like inquiry, inward-outward process, and task assignment and tracking.

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Our Awesome Features

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Side menu logo configuration, Logo configuration, Change password and Profile section.

App Features

Select organisation, Login, Dashboard, Inquiry, Inward-outward, Service call, Change password, and Profile section.


inquiry is an inquiry management feature that helps to manage all types of inquiry-based on their category, type, priority, and status, we can assign inquiries to multiple assignees/engineers and collect follow-ups for their works, also we can set a due date for the assignees to completed their work.


Inward/Outward is a logistics management feature that provides an easy and comfortable platform for the process of inward(Taking the product to store), To repairer(Giving to third party vendors), From repairer(Returning the product from third party vendor), and outward(Giving the customer) with some detailed information like product serial number, remarks, customer information, problem area, required solution, download/print option and more.

Service Call

The service call is a service visit call or field call that will help manage the customer visits based on their location, problems area, and solution that helps provide better service to the customer and tracking of overall service. It has a print/download option for the engineer and status like open and close that help define the engineer’s task.

Call Coordinator

It is a combination and shortcut feature to generate and manage inquiry, inward-outward, and service calls from a single platform.


Master contains all configuration fields like Vendors, Products, brands, problems with its categories, Courier, inquiry type, inquiry levels, Contracts, terms and conditions, Customer department, Payment methods, city, state.


AMC helps to create or assign several visits per customer and from there we can generate the service call as well.


The quotation is used to create an estimate of the price for the particular product and service that can be shared with different options and mailed to the customer as well.


Dashboard shows the latest 3 entries and gives you an overview of total inquiry, inward-outward, and service calls, also we can create it from there as well.


Customer feature is used to create a customer based on the individual and corporate sector, it will help to manage all customer details in a single place.


Admin is containing the creation and updation part of users based on their roles and permissions.

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